BRECKPORT Media Solutions

Breckport Media Solutions was a video, photographic, and website marketing company operated by Brendan Brooks, Jim Heck, and Gerald Martin Davenport from 2012 to 2015.

Brendan Brooks and Jim Heck helped Gerald on many film productions with Camera, Sound, Lighting, Directing, and Producing which can be viewed on Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia. The three worked so well together on the film productions that when they were asked to do video marketing, they jumped at it without much thought about the financial complications that they would could encounter.

From 2010 to early 2012 the Video and Media Production Marketing business they did was under Aria Pictures — Gerald's film production company. They realized the need to create their own identity for their non-film work out from under Aria Pictures to have a clearer picture of the finances.

Breckport Media Solutions was Brendan Brooks (BR), Jim Heck (ECK), and Gerald Davenport (PORT) — BRECKPORT coined by Jim after weeks of silly names by all three.

BRECKPORT became inactive in 2015 due to many factors: day jobs, family (Brendan had two young children), volunteering (Jim was always busy), and many other things that occupied their time — although they discuss in working together in 2018.