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Aria Pictures Independent Film Production

Aria Pictures is an independent film production company with post-production as a emphasis with precision editing in Grass Valley, California that handles all phases of production: writing, pre-production, production, and post-production, as well as, delivery to the audience. Aria Pictures is Making Movies with a Purpose and films with meaning. Focusing on the Story. Integrity to the purpose of the film, not shock or gore. Movies with a positive message and films that have meaning.

Aria films productions began with Paint back in 1995. Starring a rag tag group of actors and a one man crew that made a decent action film.

Aria Pictures is operates with the goal to deliver quality, family, entertaining, stories that started back in 1995 when Gerald Martin Davenport named the company after his son Aria Leven Davenport. Gerald wanted to take his love of writing and story telling, talent with music, and obsession with visual stimuli to the next level by combining them with the film medium.

Aria Film Production in Northern California by Gerald Martin (Gerry) Davenport's company Aria Pictures at Aria Studios.

  • Little Room for Justice Movie poster by Mark Hoffman.
  • Petite Chardonnay movie title card. A story by Gerald Martin Davenport.
  • THE GOLdEN TREE Movie. A Historic Gold Rush Movie in Grass Valley, California.
  • Paintball splats with Paint the Movie title over them