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Film Financing - Producer Search 2024. We want your help to produce a full-length movie.

Date: May 19, 2024
Author: Gerald Martin Davenport
Reading Time: 7 minutes

10 years and the search continues.

Our film financing, producer, and investor search began ten years ago when we felt ready to take on longer projects and the film industry; it has not stopped; it never ended. Although we are much wiser, experienced, and older, our passion, excitement, and drive have increased with the many projects we have done. We yearn to prove we can deliver a compelling, entertaining, and educational story under budget and make a cinematic masterpiece that emotionally moves the audience and wows the critics.

A change is needed in the entertainment industry to bring positive, uplifting, and spiritual stories to people wanting them. This is true when you visit Angel Studios and see the amount of people supporting them.

A Change is Needed

The history of Motion Pictures, films, or movies is a complex, fact-filled, and entertaining journey one can spend hours reading on Britannica's History of Motion Pictures Film. The focus of that historic information about motion pictures for us is the purpose and use of the medium entertaining audiences with compelling, unusual, and mesmerizing stories.

Since the beginning, producers provided the fantastic to real life and everything in between to audiences hoping to garner their attention and free-time. Most producers wrote about the era they lived in or some social injustice, while others captivated audiences with stories from the past or of a possible future.

In recent history, just before 2020 and after, there is a over abundance of dark, sinister, violent, and negative movies and tv shows that try to unravel the fabric of society, the family core, love, and mis-interpret information and lie to people, and the audience is unaware of this, or they just do not care because all they want to do is be entertained.

A Change Is Needed in the Entertainment World to Strengthen the Family Core, Let Jesus' Love Shine - the Positive and Everlasting Kind that Does Good, and that Being a Positive and Uplifting Role-Model is the Only Way.

Why We Do What We Do

We know we cannot change the World, let alone the World of Entertainment, by ourselves, but as a member of team, a family of spiritual artists working together to inspire positive change, the possibilities are endless — the world needs healing and it begins with Love.

We are avid, passionate creative, story-telling artists who are devoted and dedicated to quality educational, entertaining, and emotional media that changes the world for the better by touching peoples hearts and minds to move them to become better, more loving, and compassionate.

During each of the our productions, and the productions of others, we brought the power of collaboration — that idea of working together with the combined effort to reach a goal, the joy of creating bonds and relationships that last forever, and the feeling of belonging to a group of people that want to share and bring to life a compelling story. If the movie never made it to the theater, we would still have our connection to one another that can never be broken — that is the reason for doing, that is the reason for living.

We want to bring the World Together with Spiritual, Positive, and Uplifting Media and Entertainment.

I know that producing/making a film, movie, or motion picture is a huge undertaking and cannot be done by one person — it takes a team — and I have been blessed to work with so many talented, loving, and hard working people who gave their all because that is who they are.

Making Movies with a Purpose

People have asked what we mean by “Making Movies with a Purpose.”

“Everything is done with a purpose.”

Our purpose is to Entertain, Educate, Inspire, and Emotionally Move the audience to a higher level. Our focus is not about making the most money by cheating, lying, or giving the audience crap — there are too many people doing that already, we have a conscience, morals, and respect for the audience.

“Will we be rich and famous?” Be nice but do not care. “Will we make money and have a following?” Yes, yes we will. If there is a following for fart jokes, then there is a following for classier material. “If you make it, they will watch it.”

So if you are interested in bringing film, tv, and story-telling to a higher level and make money doing it, we need your help; our Film Financing – Producer Search needs you.

Remember: Lights on for safety. even during the day