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On set of Petite Chardonnay at Lucchesi Vineyard & Winery. Michael Klemp, Cynthia Gatlin, and Brendan Brooks.

Date: January 13, 2014
Author: Gerald Martin Davenport
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Greetings – Welcome to this new WEBLOG concentrating on “All Aspects of Filmmaking.”

From the minds of Independent and Professional Filmmakers, Actors, Composers, Musicians, and Effect Artists, with everyone else in between, to share their adventures in the journey of Filmmaking.

I welcome you to join, participate, learn, and share with us as we make our excursion into the world of entertainment.

Please see the OFFICIAL WELCOME page and BEHIND the CURTAIN.

Again: Greetings and Welcome to Aria Pictures Filmmaker Corner

You may notice that there are posts older than this greeting. Well, I merged my old Aria Pictures Film Blog on to this one, which were posted before this one came to be.

Remember: Lights on for safety. even during the day