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Aria Pictures film showcase info sheet.

Date: February 22, 2016
Author: Gerald Martin Davenport
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Happy Birthday, Aria! | Aria Pictures Film Showcase

WHEN: April 9, 2016
Theatre OPENS AT 9:00 am
ENDS: 11:30 am (yes morning, the only time we can get the theatre)
WHERE: DEL ORO THEATER – Grass Valley California
Anyone interested in filmmaking, and interested in attending, that is of any age and that we do not know: send us a link to your material and we’ll discount the ticket
LENGTH: 1 hour 45 minutes for movies.

Celebrate Aria turning 26 with us while we watch nine Family-Friendly short films, of the many completed projects that Aria Pictures has been involved in over the past 11 years.

Working with over 300 talented people on various genres and styles that have entertaining thousands, Aria Pictures is proud to have been a part of these films and honored to show them to you in their original high definition format.

The Choice – Written and Directed by Mark Hoffman (7)

— winner of Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best use of prop from the LifeFest Film festival.
— Marc Gardner and Dawn Price Setters.

Second Chance Nevada County – Story by Donna Cobb (8)

— Kristie Garcia, Reyn Smith, Amber Busse, Alvis LaGate, Sushila Mertens, Ralph Mertens, Emily Garcia, Alex GeMetti, Ryan Pettijohn, Bride Beth Fish, Pastor Brad Helmuth, Falyn Lazarus, Abby Garcia, Stuart Lauters, Roland Teuber, Burt Hitchkiss.
more Second Chance, Nevada County information.

BUDDIES – Judith Plank (10)

— Richard Ryan, Dylan Nelson, Holiday Higgins, Enoch Yeung, Bryan Jackson, Marc Gardner, Laura Luke, Bryton Berdahl, Sally Start, Taylor Helms, Rob Tillitz, Steve Dakota.
more Buddies information.

The Choice movie poster by Mark Hoffman starring Marc Gardner and Dawn Price Setters.
Second Chance Nevada County movie poster.
Buddies movie title card.

Oberon’s Gold – Written by Bruce Bradley (12)

— Dallas Guier, Mark Hoffman, Kristie Garcia, Dan Bazzoli, with special guest Kel Owens as Winker. Also Kathryn Elizabeth Sweeney, Amber Busse, Bruce Bradley, Robert Stuckey, Jessica Pittaway, Dana Bruce, Kevin Sweeney, Carey White Jr.
more Oberon’s gold information

THE GOLdEN TREE – Written and directed by Gerald Martin Davenport (10)

— Bill Bettencourt, Rob Tillitz, Jason Michael Shannon, Joseph Baldridge, Carey White Jr., Noble L. Engle, Alex Harris, Gary Udell, Kyriè Sierra Davenport, Karly Avva, Toni Corbett, Dan L. Walters, Mark Hoffman, Steven Sommer, Adrien Bourassa, Nolan Bourassa, Meghan Malia Bird, Amber Deann, Courtney Leonard-Maye, Grace Rose, Aria Leven Davenport, Steve Dakota, Yinique Myo-Flores, Haley Hicks, Susan Slaven, Rob Hayes, Aramis Liam, and Claire Elizabeth.
more info on THE GOLdEN TREE.

‘THE NATIONAL EXCHANGE’ written by Bruce Bradley & Robert Stuckey (17)

— Robert Stuckey, Jessica Pittaway, Benjamin Friedrich, Carey White Jr., Bruce Bradley, Kevin Sweeney, Brian Arnold, Dana Bruce, Kathryn Sweeney, and Connor McGehee. more info on The National Exchange.

Oberon's Gold movie poster. Blue sky with rainbow and trees with cast and crew credits.
THE GOLdEN TREE Movie poster. A tree in a field with cast and crew credits.
the National Exchange movie poster with cast and crew credits and pictures of cast.

the WATERING hole – Written and Directed by Gerald Martin Davenport (10)

– Produced by Rob Tillitz
— Rob Tillitz, Jason Michael Shannon, William Van Noland, Christa Bella, Rafael Siegel, Christa Quinn, Daniel Roberts, JP Dunne, Robyn Jean Springer, Meghan Malia Bird, Deborah Adair, Paul T. McGee, Don Carlos Sanders, Antonio C. Mears, Brendan Brooks.
more info on the WATERING hole.

TODAY – Written and Directed by Brendan Brooks (12)

– Produced by Barbara Brooks
Hayley Pritchard, Harrison McCormick, Gary L. Conover, Kimberly Ewing, and Brian Arnold, with Kyrie Sierra Davenport.
more info on TODAY

the WATERING hole movie poster with cast and crew credits.
TODAY the Movie poster with cast credits.

PAINT 2005 – Written and Directed by Gerald Martin Davenport (19)

– Produced by Tamara Davenport
first production
— Aria Leven Davenport, Robert John MacGregor, Patrick Donald Wheatley, Connor Ring, Justin Mosier, Reid Allen Young, Casey Edenfield, Gerald Young, and Kyriè Sierra Davenport.
more info on PAINT.

Paint movie poster with cast and crew credits.

Paint movie poster with cast and crew credits.

Support local talent

This does not happen often for us local artists, and we are doing it to show you that Hollywood is not the only place movies come from, and they are not the only place where talented people live. Come have some fun, watch your friends and family, and find out what is in store for 2016.

Remember BIG SCREEN, the first time in FULL HD (The Choice and THE GOLdEN TREE are the only two films that have been projected in their FULL HD on a big screen before), Local Northern California Talent (some of these people are already in other big projects – rub elbows with them before they get too famous), and we are giving away some cool prizes.

And please help spread the word. THANK YOU!! Such great stuff not to miss.

The proceeds from this event will go to jump-start our full-length feature PAINT Movie. We have to find a way to pay the talented actors, which is what the funds are for. We are not here to save lives, we are not here to help fight a cause (sort of), and we are not a charity. We just want to be able to get enough to be able to do what we love to do: Make Movies! It’s not like we are lying or trying to cheat you like many other entities. We just want to entertain — which remains to be seen — but if you help us fund our movie, it will help us succeed.

Remember: Lights on for safety. even during the day