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Date: May 28, 2009
Author: Gerald Martin Davenport
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Paint & World Next Door screenplays are ready to submit to the Final Draft’s Big Break Screenplay Contest.

I spent many hours, days, and months rewriting and more rewriting to get the right taste, the right flavor, just the perfect mix and balance of emotions and action — in my mind I have succeeded — but the judges will have the final say.

If I do not do well, there is no giving up. Even unsuccessful tests are positive if you can improve, grow, and learn from them.

I am going to Post the responses and status of the contest for Paint and World Next Door.

Looking for Financing

I am looking for financing to do these and many other films not only mine but others, myself with a great team, in my own way, and with an emphasis on actual entertainment and notITʼS GOT TO MAKE MONEY.”

Of course, that would be awesome. Who does not want to make money? But it is not my motivating force or focus point which may be a negative or weak characteristic of mine. Many people tell me I am too nice to be in the film industry.

But when I do make it, and I will, I will be thanked for thinking about the audience and making a great story and visual entertainment.

Keep going and never stop, but enjoy the Journey

Until more than three-thousand people see my movies, I keep going and never stop — the important thing is to enjoy the journey. The destination is the end of the journey. The journey defines who we are — because most people never make their destination.

I know I do well with my editing and storytelling for people and their home movies and pictures with DVD-Memories. I enjoy taking something so mundane into something that will be watched over and over again is a testament to my skills and attention to the client — everyone has seen your pictures over and over in your family and quite frankly “do we have to see the pictures again?” phrase is not what you want to hear. When I am done, everyone will want a copy to watch over and over.

One of the worst things about Filmmaking

One of the worst things about filmmaking, and there are a few, is dealing and putting up with wishy-washy, unmotivated, and inconsiderate people, but I need to learn how to do that. Or better yet, if it is my set, only hire those with the same goal. Make the best story you can.

Remember: Lights on for safety.