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The Elevator half sheet with cast listed.

Date: February 9, 2021
Author: Gerald Martin Davenport
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Elevator is an intensely emotional psycho-legal suspense film, adapted for the screen by Mark Hoffman, from a play by Bertrand Younger Choice back in 2016 through 2018 with some rewrites and additions.

The Elevator is the story of a grieving Army Ranger, ravaged by the horrors of The War on Terror, who returns home upon news that his wife and daughter have been killed in a tragic accident, and is now on a mission to settle the score with the lawyer he blames for their death. An encounter ensues in the law office elevator. Can the attorney persuade him to abandon his murderous plan? Is there any room for mercy? Will justice be served? Will anyone come out of this alive?

Reaction to a staged performance before an audience of fellow filmmakers in early 2018 was enthusiastic, as reflected in these comments by attendees:

“The Elevator is a tense dramatic one-act play that I had the pleasure to watch. The actors are good and the dialogue is tense and full of realistic details. Well written and the subject is timely and relevant now as it will be until automated driving becomes prevalent. If you have the opportunity to watch it, I highly recommend that you do.”
– Han Y. Seo, screenwriter & producer.

“It’s a good story … it’s almost bringing me to tears right now.”
– G. Parrish, filmmaker.

“Intense drama with just the right resolution” – 5 stars
– Brian Johnston, SAG actor.

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The Elevator – Film Production

Pre-Production began in the early months of 2018 but fell flat until Mark Hoffman asked Gerald Martin Davenport and Aria Pictures to be the production company to start, complete, and deliver the project.

The Elevator – Courtroom with Tasha Jacobs on slate and Carolyn Christine Gregory as the Judge.
The Elevator – Gary Nyland Set Designer working on the elevator in his kitchen.

With help from Byers Enterprises lending a hand with equipment, principal photography began on June 30, 2018, in Gary Nyland’s kitchen that had a full-size replica of an elevator.

The Elevator stars Mark Hoffman as Trautman, Josh Manzer as McNeal, and a supporting cast of wonderful Sacramento actors.

Film Production went fine, no real big issues. some fun and interesting places and the people in front and behind the camera were professional and awesome.

The Elevator – Mark Hoffman and Austin Jansma waiting for the elevator.
The Elevator – Josh Manzer with the Swat Team: Terry C. Morgan and David L.Schormann
The Elevator – Josh Manzer with the Swat Team: Terry C. Morgan and David L.Schormann

Principle Photography was done on September 15, 2018. A few days of pick-ups and second unit photography in December of 2018 and in early 2019.

Post-Production began immediately and the story was coming together and a picture lock was completed in late 2019.

2020 came along, and we all know what that was like. Post-Production came to a halt, more like a “Why even do it, if this is the end of the world?” feeling came over the post-production team.

So, Color-Grading and Color-Correction, as well as, Dialog and Audio clean-up were put in the freezer. Not the back burner, but the freezer.

Positive Vibes in 2021

Toward the end of 2020, the feeling of hope and positivity were creeping into society and the small group of producers for The Elevator and post-production resumed. The thaw and heating up.

By the end of January, coloring and audio were complete. The Film Score was next with the help of Composer Gerald Willis, music pieces were placed in their spots and the film began to take its final form. Still waiting for more music, but it will be done soon.

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