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What is in a Name?

Aria Pictures was coined in 2000, but established in January of 2005 by Gerald Martin Davenport during the time he was attending Video Symphony — a Post-Production school in Burbank, California.

Named after his son Aria Leven whom was named after Aria Guitars - Gerald owned two, and a character in one of Gerald's stories; however, the name actually began in 1983 when Gerald tried to create an ASCAP Music Publishing Company by the name of Aria Songs, but ASCAP would not allow the name, so it became World Next Door Music Publishing.

Historical Highlights

Gerald wrote stories at age of 7 and in 1980 started taking that creativity more seriously. He has over 300 stories from shorts to a 7 part epic in novel, screenplay, and play formats in various stages, and he is still writing.

Dabbling in photography, video, story writing, and music Gerald began to contemplate the idea of combining them into one package that he can market much easier then trying to do it individually.

After Video Symphony, Gerald's did his first self-produced film Paint (2006) a 19-minute short that was a spec project to see if Aria Pictures could complete and deliver a watchable product — and Aria Pictures did. It sold world-wide and people were asking for a second movie. Gerald wrote, directed, operated the camera, and edited the film in 2005 under the new Aria Pictures name. The film starred his son Aria Leven Davenport, daughter Kyriè Sierra Davenport, nephew Reid Allen Young and other new young talent.

Gerald Martin Davenport became a film director and producer and not of his doing. Since then, each production is more organized then the previous. His forte is post-production, film editing, and story-telling, but he challenges himself and his production teams to think like the audience.

Plans were in the works to do so, but time slipped away and the cast grew older and far apart making Paint 2 more difficult since the story line picks up two months after the first — not three years. And even though we had top names attached and a whopping budget, it went on the shelf waiting.

Thirteen years and many productions later, Aria Pictures has decided to dust it off and do the full-length version. Starting fresh with new actors, more characters, and more action. With more experience in film production, PAINT will be re-realized on the bigger/longer screen.

Okay, so Paint (2006) did not go world-wide — the first time!

Aria Leven Davenport help on Eleven Minutes Late (2006), a short piece for the Apple Insomnia Film Festival.

In 2009, Gerald lent his production company Aria Pictures to help with Detective A (2009), by Victor Nieto for the Access Sacramento's screenplay contest A Place Called Sacramento, which garnered him a "Technical Achievement Award."

Gerald submitted THE GOLdEN TREE (2010) to Access Sacramento's in 2010 and it was selected to have the finished film play at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento. His 10-minute story ended up as a 42 minute Gold Rush Historic Epic Film with 25 actors and shooting at some historic locations in Sacramento. Gerald also helped Guy Pace, another writer/producer with production on Treasure Chest of South Sacramento (2010).

Gerald submitted THE GOLdEN TREEs, Petite Chardonnay, and the WATERING hole (2011) to the 2011 Place Called Sacramento screenwriting contest. They did not choose to follow the continuing adventure of Sierra, her dad, and William Wimmer, nor did they choose a family tear jerker, they chose the Twilight Zone-esk story the WATERING hole. The film was produced by Rob Tillitz and recorded in his Cedar Room bar on Madison Avenue in Sacramento. The film won the Producer's Choice Award (4 out of the 10 votes) and a W.A.V.E. Award (The Western Access Video Excellence) from the Alliance for Community Media Western States Region in 2012.

Also in 2011 Gerald lent Aria Pictures to Judith Plank's film BUDDIES (2011) that was also a Place Called Sacramento winning selection. And won 3 out of the 10 votes for producers choice.

2012 Aria Pictures and Gerald Martin Davenport did film editing and post-production for two short films. The Choice (2012) written & directed by Mark Hoffman. It Won Best use of Prop, Best Actress, Best Sound Design, and Best Picture awards at the 2012 LifeFest 5x5 Film Festival. And If We Really Loved Each Other (2012) directed by Vincent D. Miles for a 48 hour film festival segment for the Sacramento International Film Festival with additional responsibilities of Effects Editor and Composer.

Aria Pictures and Gerald revisited Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento one last time to help Dänna Wilberg, writer and producer of The Producer (2012). Worked with twenty-five people on an eight day production throughout Sacramento and Eldorado Hills, California. Dealt with the difficulties and limited resources to give Dänna what she envisioned on screen.

In late 2011 to early 2012 Aria Pictures most complex and serious production yet, was Chardonnay/Petite Chardonnay (2012); encompassing 19 actors, 19 crew members (of which have been with us for 4 other productions), four locations including a moving vehicle, and 9 days of production. The Film played to 250 viewers at a private screening on August 4, 2012; was selected to the 2012 Davis Film Festival; and played to 100+ viewers at a winery screening at Lucchesi Vineyard & Winery — at each viewing there was not a dry eye in the house.

In 2014 Aria Pictures along with BRECKPORT Media Solutions teamed up to help Bruce Bradley bring two of his stories to life. Oberon's Gold (2014) and The National Exchange (2014)

2015 Aria Pictures was a major contributor to the movie Today (2015) by Brendan Brooks

In September of 2018 Mark Hoffman brought Gerald onto his Little Room For Justice (2021) film project as a producer and editor but eventually became the cinematographer, camera operator, and effects editor. The film was released in 2021 and won several awards.

Aria Pictures gives 100%

Aria Pictures involvement in productions covers all three phases, as well as, writing and marketing — Aria Pictures have a flare for creating the story and spreading the word, but our biggest asset and Aria Pictures expertise is the polishing in the editing room and post-production — this is where Aria Pictures makes it shine.

Most projects Aria Pictures work on are ours from the beginning to the end; others vary with production phases such as helping with cinematography, music, audio capture, audio editing, and picture editing — but no matter what Aria Pictures involvement is we give 100%.

Questions and Answers

Movies with a Purpose?

Aria Pictures makes wholesome, family value, feel good, spiritual movies — for the most part — we do have a few stories that are not suitable for certain age groups or heart conditions, but all are faith based and engaging stories.

Want to Finance and Produce a movie?

We are looking for Producers / Investors to finance projects.

• The funding will be used to rent equipment: Camera, lights, sticks, audio; supply food to cast and crew; pay actors and crew; post production services, and other miscellaneous items.

• Returns will vary depending on distribution, marketing, and support the film, the producers, and team receives from everyone involved.

If interested about what projects we have that you may want to finance, please Contact us at 8bree3xd9oej @ opayq . com.

Please help us with our projects so we can all benefit in the joy of making and watching a great story with great people involved.
- peace, God Bless.

Do you make real movies or home videos?

Yes, We make real movies.

As Filmmakers, what is your goal and motivation?

Our goal is to create educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking stories that will be viewed by as many people that will view them — kind of a big dream huh? Well you have to start somewhere.

We are motivated by our own creative ideas to offer stronger, longer lasting stories for people to enjoy, something that makes people think, makes them change their lives, in the least, think about it.

Do you make movies with adult content, nudity, or pornography?

Pornography…NO! Absolutely NOT!

Adult content and nudity is another story; We have been apart of projects with Adult content and language, but have not done any projects with nudity. Will we? Depends on the project and story.

I am not an actor, but I want to help.

We are always looking for help in production of any film projects. Everyone's input, assistance, skills, talents, and knowledge are essential to the making of any film be as good as it can. Send your request to the same place, but indicate crew position wanted or just "crew."

Can we see any samples of your work?

YES, of course. there are several ways.

Send $1,000,000 to P.O. Box... (just kidding)

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