Showreels · Demo Reels

A showreel (aka Demo Reel) showcases an actor or presenter's previous work — a short portfolio / resume to promote the artist's skill, talent, and experience to acting agents and casting directors.

Showreels are mostly used in the entertainment industry such as acting, directing, cinematography, editing, visual effects artists, animation, video games, and graphic artists. For audio work, showreels demonstrate the actor's vocal or instrumental talent, arranging abilities, recording, and engineering style.

Truth About Showreels

As a Film Production Company, we know showreels. Many actors we have done showreels for are working more due to our Showreel Philosophy.

The length of your demo reel is based on the QUALITY, not quantity, of your work.

Best advise is to HIT THEM WITH YOUR BEST WORK — your best performance — no matter what the length is.

It may not be the one you had a scene with Brad Pitt, or were in that NAMED film. Impress them with your talent not someone else's. Casting Directors, good one's, do not hire you because of who you worked with, they hire you because of YOUR talents.

A demo reel is a commercial to convince the casting director that you, the featured product, are the one they should spend their money on. It needs to be fast, short, sweet, and to the point. Everyone gets one chance to make a first impression, make it the best chance it can be.

What To Put On A Showreel · Demo Reel

• Two to five 30 second or less clips from real productions in which you are clearly identified as the actor and have dialog and show your acting skill — never confuse the viewer as to they should be watching.
• Keep it under 5 minutes — 3 is better.
• Add the title of the production.
• Give credit the production company.
• Put contact info for production company or director.
• If possible a bio page with a head shot, your name, your contact info, and your bio.

What NOT To Put On A Showreel · Demo Reel

• Background / Extra - Casting Directors want to see if you can act and speak on camera with it in your face, not how you stand.
• Fake clips, such as, ones from acting classes — leave your acting class sketches where they belong, in the practice folder, not your Reel.
• Monologs.
Produced Scenes

There are places that offer the actor a way to get media for their reel by creating FAKE productions, not reel one's called "Produced Scenes." These produced scenes are short scenes written for you and sometimes you work with other actors. As a film production company, we look up the title of the movie to verify the status of the project and your acting credentials. If no title given, there is no way to verify the validity of your work and may not get the role you want.

There is not a problem doing produced scenes as it does give you some / very little acting experience. What the "produced scenes" lack is the intensity, stress, and excitement of being on a real set in a real production that the producers and director are hoping to take it somewhere and be projected onto theater screens for hundreds to thousands, if not millions of people. Your acting in a little fake "produced scene" is never going to reach the level it would have if on a real production; therefore, like in golf, taking a mulligan, YOU ARE JUST CHEATING YOURSELF!

NEVER add Produced Scenes to a showreel!

I do not have any "Real Production Experience" or Clips?

If you have no clips due to no experience on real productions, you have no need for a showreel / demo reel.
Work on as many Student or Indie productions as you can to get real experience and material — most of them are volunteer without pay, but at least they are REAL Productions, not fake.

Demo Reels for Aria Pictures’ Actors

Once the production has been projected at the premiere and sent off to their respective places, Aria Pictures will export a 1 to 1.5 minute High Quality mastered clip of each actor in their best scene (not just acting, but one where they are visible the majority of the time and not mashed together from all the scenes they were in in the movie) with credits.

☆ Basic Demo Reel $200

Up to 3 minutes
Any amount DIGITAL of sources
Titles, Labels, Info section
YOU GET: DVD and Digital File for uploading to any video service.

Demo Reels for Actors & Artists

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