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Date: December 24, 2022
Author: Gerald Martin Davenport
Reading Time: 2 minutes

No, No, I am not a wizard behind the curtain, though some have called me that; I am just a man with a passion and talent for making films.

I officially became a “Filmmaker” in 2005 when, after graduating from Video Symphony — a post-production school in Burbank, California — in 2004, I came home and completed a 19-minute movie called PAINT. I was just an editor and a novice with video and film before all this.

I Wrote, Directed, Camera Operator, Produced, and Edited the production as well as, the Artwork for the film and posters. It was an educational learning experience.

What I learned at Video Symphony, beyond the lectures and lessons, is the majority of people, who make a movie, know very little, or even understand, the Post-Production process. Anyone can write dialog, capture actors with a camera, and do visual effects: these are the easy parts of the filmmaking process.

Post-Production is the most difficult, complicated, and time-consuming stage of a film’s creation. A majority of people believe that Editing is just taking out the bad parts and leaving in the good. It is about doing what is right for the STORY. The whole filmmaking process is a moot point if the STORY is not Strong, Compelling, and Entertaining. No amount of Editing, Acting, Directing, Special Effects, or Music will make it any better — EVER!

As of 2020, I am now considered a “Producer,” not a filmmaker. The difference, you ask? A filmmaker is all about art. A producer is more about financing and results. I still focus on art, but I am not more educated about the money side.

– peace
Gerald Martin Davenport
behind the curtain • writer • director • editor • producer “Aria Pictures, Inc.”

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